Brief Encounter Videos

Below you will find video recordings of short interviews with FGB men from all walks of life, including doctors, dentists, teachers, policemen, musicians, authors, actors, engineers, soldiers, bankers, builders, gardeners, the currently unemployed or retired, and scientists. The one thing that is consistent through the lives of these men is how God has made a real difference to their lives in a way that brings joy and purpose.

These are real New Life Stories because they are testimonies from ordinary people just like you and me, who have found New Life in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. This New Life has enabled many of these people to find not only true meaning in life, but healing in their bodies, deliverance from drugs or alcohol, a release from anxiety or depression and a peace in their lives which exceeds their natural understanding: it’s supernatural! Please watch and be prepared to be amazed at these remarkable Real Life Stories and you can watch other after-dinner and conference speaker  video recordings of men and women with similar New Life Stories.

Full Gospel Businessmen (FGB) are Christian businessmen who meet regularly, with their wives and other invited men and women, to share how their lives have been changed for the better. Please see our FGB events page for more details of real New Life Stories near you.