ROSE GABRIEL then came into Demos’s life and they were married. Demos was twenty years of age and knew that now he must make money in order to support himself and his new wife. Here is Demos’s own account:

“Once again I started out to make money, but in spite of all my efforts I found myself a failure. After six years of this, I finally woke up one day to the fact that the reason I was a failure was that I was trying without God. I was in business, but God was not in there with me. When I came to this realization, I got under deep conviction. I realized that I had been drifting away from God, and it was time for me to begin to seek Him. My wife and I reconsecrated our lives. We decided to go in business with Him. Regardless of financial circumstances, I meant to serve God wholeheartedly.

“I looked around for something to do for Him. I thought about sponsoring a meeting for some minister. My father had done that kind of work for the Lord several years before. Since I was not a preacher myself, perhaps I could set up a tent and put some preacher to work in the Lord’s service. I found a young man who was interested in the work of God and a faithful minister of the Gospel. So I sponsored him in a tent meeting in 1940. That was my first meeting, which was conducted in a tent which seated 300 people. God honored that revival and sixty-seven people were saved and received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

“Next year, I formed an acquaintance which meant much to my spiritual life. I met Dr. Charles S. Price, noted healing evangelist. Although healing was nothing new to me, having been brought up in a church that believed and practiced it, I found Dr. Price’s ministry different. His faith and devotion to God set an example for me that I have never forgotten.

“I remember a wonderful healing that occurred in answer to Dr. Price’s prayers. Since it concerned my own family, it made a lasting impression on me. My sister, Florence, was on her way to Whittier College one morning driving her own car. She had a collision with a truck carrying a heavy load of hot asphalt. The car was wrecked and hot asphalt was spilled all over my sister. When they finally got her out of the wreck, she had third degree burns covering large portions of her body. Her pelvis had suffered seven fractures, and her leg was torn loose. When the left leg was reset, in the hospital, it was three and a half inches shorter than the other one, due to the injured pelvis. She was compelled to lie in a bed of salve because her burns were so severe that she could not stand the touch of bed clothing. X-rays showed that the sharp points of broken bones were headed into vital organs of her body. Subsequent X-rays were taken for seven days. These showed her condition growing worse. The doctors said that if she lived, she would always be a cripple.

“In desperation, I called Dr. Price and asked him if he would come and pray for my sister, and he agreed to come. It was the seventh day after her accident that Dr. Price reached her. As he prayed for her, God laid His mighty hand upon her body and completely healed her, to the amazement of the doctors and nurses and to the great joy of our family. New X-rays were taken, and every bone had gone back in place and the left leg that was three and a half inches shorter than the other was restored to its normal length. My sister was able to come home from the hospital a completely well woman. That miracle meant so much to me that I have, ever since, given of time, effort, influence and money to help promote the ministry of those God has chosen to deliver the people. I know Divine healing is real!

“Naturally, Dr. Charles S. Price became endeared to the Shakarian family. About two months before his death, he kept telling me that a Time of Deliverance was coming. He said: ‘In these days, we are finding it very hard for people to come to the Lord. Evangelists are preaching and preaching, yet only handfuls are coming to the altar. We are not seeing scores and hundreds coming to the altars as we should. The Lord is showing me that in the very near future, He is going to raise up men with tremendous power from the Lord and they will preach to thousands at a time. People will pour to the altars because they will see the mighty, miracle power of the Lord in operation. They are going to see signs and wonders performed, and the healings and other miracles of deliverance by God’s power will cause the people to rush to the altars and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Deliverer. When you see these things happening, another thing will come to pass. Men will enter the hospitals, where all manner of human sickness has caused people to be bedfast, many doomed to die from cancer, tuberculosis, heart trouble and other disease. People who have been given up to die by the doctors will be raised up by the power of God, and they will walk out of the hospitals. They are going to leap and shout with joy. This is going to be a demonstration of the power of God the world has never seen. The whole world will be stirred !

“We already have seen the first part of this prophecy coming to pass since Dr. Price’s death. Hundreds rush to the altars in the great healing campaigns, not because they are whipped and beaten and scared to the altars, but because they have been shown the love and compassion of Jesus Christ and the power of God in action.

“Since we have seen the first come true, then we are convinced the other will shortly follow just as Dr. Price, being filled with the Holy Spirit, said would happen. Faith is rising. People are expectant. The time seems near at hand!”